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Originally from the Detroit area, I grew up listening to a wealth of great music, from Motown to 70s funk and R&B to folk, rock and of course the great jazz tradition out of Detroit.  The music we fall in love with as we grow up is so fundamental to our musical development and creative exploration.


This is why, in my personal composition and performance goals, and in my teaching methods, I choose to honor whatever makes each person "sing" inside.  It takes nurturing and encouragement, as well as a healthy respect for the tools of music-making, to bring out beauty.  I do my best to keep this in mind, for my students and for myself.



My current projects are:

   solo jazz piano cd, Snapshots of Home, released March 2013

   composing for jazz orchestra

   working with small group ensembles, performing originals and re-                        imagined jazz and pop tunes

   maintaining a studio of private piano and voice students

   accompanist for jazz and Broadway singers

   music director for Dignity NY



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